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Advanced level qualifications are generally studied during the ages of 16-18 after a student has taken their GCSE level qualifications. As the name suggests the level of study in the subjects is at a considerably higher level than that which the student will have studied. The amount of study involved in an A level generally
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This is not necessarily essential - although some students may find it creates a useful focus for their investigation. However, there are some areas which do not lend themselves to a question but are much more of an investigation into an area that interests the student; and in that case a question might not help. Should the
Examples of Areas of Investigation and. Linked Productions. “Reality TV is mindless. It is nothing more than cheap entertainment for the masses.” How far is reality TV accountable for the so-called 'dumbing-down' in the media? A discussion, using 'America's Got Talent' as exemplar. Linked production: tabloid exposé of a
Law Coursework Help, GCSE A-Level, and Undergraduate. We have a selection of guides to help you with your law coursework studies.

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