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The Creative Process and Entheogens · For Ken Wilber - An Artist's Spiritual Friend. Share. Art Psalms · Essays. Recent Blog Entries. February Full Moon Weekend · THERE IS STILL TIME TO... Create this Winter at CoSM · Start a Painting · January Full Moon Weekend 2018. Instagram. Looking forward to next month's Full
The artist's mission is to make the soul perceptible. Our scientific, materialist culture trains us to develop the eyes of outer perception. Visionary art encourages the development of our inner sight. To find the visionary realm, we use the intuitive inner eye: The eye of contemplation; the eye of the soul. All the inspiring ideas we
Essays › The Creative Process and Entheogens. Published in MAPS Creativity issue Fall 2000. The Creative Process and Entheogens. by Alex Grey. Twenty-five years ago I took my first dose of LSD. The experience was so rich and profound, coupled as it was with the meeting of my future wife, Allyson, that there seemed
Essays › For Ken Wilber - An Artist's Spiritual Friend. I first encountered Ken Wilber's phenomenal philosophical genius while reading ReVision Journal some seventeen years ago. I marveled at how he modeled and brilliantly articulated the evolution of consciousness from slime to Godhead in writings on the Spectrum of
"My art has always been in response to visions. Rather than confine my subject to representations of the outer worlds, I include portrayals of the multi-dimensional imaginal realms that pull us toward consciousness evolution." It has been said that artist Alex Grey is in the business of painting souls. His paintings are a mix of
SACRED MIRRORS. DIE VISIONÄRE KUNST DES ALEX GREY. Mit Essays von. Ken Wilber, Carlo McCormick und Alex Grey. Aus dem Amerikanischen von Waltraud Götting. HANS-NIETSCH-VERLAG
Many readers will identify with my reference to a motif used in Alex Grey's artwork, commonly associated with the band Tool. Alex Grey is a visionary artist who uses a wide variety of shamanic hallucinogens to inspire his creative processes, in particular, LSD, DMT, and Ayahuasca. One particular image is
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On March 9, 2011. In early January 2011, I was scheduled to interview the American visionary artist Alex Grey [pictured right] for The Australian ahead of his first Australian art tour. The problem was that at the time, my home city of Brisbane was in the midst of some of its worst-ever flooding. Due to a sketchy internet

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